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    Tournament Saver Pro is a Push Button Jumper System. It connects to a trolling motor battery and to the starting battery. If the starting battery becomes too weak to start your main engine, you simply push the button and power is jumped from the trolling motor battery to the starting battery to start the engine.

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In these days of high tech fishing, many of the electronics, stereos and accessories used by anglers create a large draw on the battery power. Long days of fishing can result in a dead battery when you try to start your boat to head to the weigh in or head to the boat ramp. Tournament Saver Pro can give you the peace of mind to know that you will always be able to start your main engine in less time than it takes to dig out your jump box or jumper cables. You don’t even have to leave the driver’s seat! It weighs less than a jump box and can save weight in the boat, which any avid angler knows results in more top end speed across the water.

The system has four cables and one lead connected to the button. Two cables connect to the trolling motor and the other two cables connect to the starting battery. The button can be mounted in the dash or anywhere within the driver’s reach. When you discover that the main engine will not crank, simply push the button which causes the system to jump the cranking battery off the trolling motor battery allowing you to start the engine. It is really that easy and fast! When you release the button, Tournament Saver Pro is off and will not release any charge to interfere with electronics on the boat. Order your Tournament Saver Pro Elite today from our secure online store or find a dealer near you and never let a bad battery ruin a great day on the lake!

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“As a professional fishing guide and tournament angler I can’t take chances on the water. Batteries are unreliable but the Tournament Saver works every time. Tournament Saver is mandatory equipment on my boat.” – Mike Hastings

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“I make my living as a tournament fisherman and I wouldn’t trust that to anything less than Tournament Saver Pro.”

See Alton talking about his Tournament Saver Pro Elite at www.altonjones.com in the video under Alton on Angler of the Year.

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“I have used Tournament Saver product for three years on the FLW tour, and can think of at least three tournaments where my cranking battery went dead and my Tournament Saver came through. Its not a matter of if your cranking battery will go dead its when and theres no better feeling than knowing with the flip of a switch your boat will start. Every second counts in tournament fishing, and the Tournament Saver Pro Elite makes the most of my time on the water” – Keith Combs